Advice for Elderly Clients

We have particular advice for our elderly clients in relation to their personal and financial affairs and ensuring they have the correct documentation in place to ensure their loved ones can deal with their affairs if they ever need to. We also understand that these are stressful, emotional and sensitive subjects for many elderly clients therefore we also offer home visits where necessary. 

  • Power of Attorney
Granting a Power of Attorney is very important so that your loved ones can deal with your personal and financial affairs should they ever require. Without a Power of Attorney, it is impossible for a relative to deal with your affairs and relatives often find themselves involved in lengthy court proceedings to gain such powers. 

  • Guardianship Orders
A Guardianship Order is required where a person no longer has capacity to grant a Power of Attorney. This is a court procedure whereby a Sheriff will grant the Applicant(s) the powers necessary to deal with a loved one's personal and/or financial affairs. 

* Please note that our Services are available as privately funded or through use of Legal Aid. If you would like to know if you would be eligible for Legal Aid, please Contact Us.