Following the latest Government advice, our office is currently closed but our staff continue to work to progress all matters. In these circumstances, we would request that you contact us via the relevant Solicitor's email address or by using the Contact Us page on this website. 

In light of the current circumstances, we are receiving a vast number of enquiries regarding the aftermentioned matters. Please see below for a brief update on each. Please note that we are following the current Guidance of the Government and the Law Society of Scotland in resepct of all matters.

Property Transactions

The Property market remains open in Scotland and all transactions are able to progress as planned, as long as it is safe to do so. We are still finding a delay in people obtaining their Mortgage Offer but on the whole propery transactions are unaffected by the recent changes. 

Family Matters

Courts are currently operating as normal but with as little people as possible physically attending Court. Many hearings are now being conducted via telephone conference call or video link. If you have an upcoming Court Hearing, you should speak to your Solicitor to confirm how this shall proceed. The Court is also open to commence all new matters so please get in touch if you wish to discuss a potential court action. 

An exception to the general "Stay at Home" requirement has been established in respect of separated families that allows children to move between their parents' homes if parents agree it is safe to do so. Where there is a formal contact order in place, this can be varied by agreement between parties without the need for court involvement. If this is the case, we would suggest this is recorded in writing (email or text message shall suffice) between parties. Where Agreement to vary the contact order cannot be reached, but one parent has sufficient concerns then that parent may exercise their parental responsibility to vary the contact order. If, after the event, the actions of a parent acting on their own in this way are questioned by the other parent in court, the court is likely to look to see whether each parent acted reasonably and sensibly in light of the Government guidance in place at that time, together with any specific evidence relating to the child or family. Parents are being asked to take a fair and sensible approach to this. Skype calls, or simialr, are also expected to be used for parents not currently exercising any contact with their children. 
For anyone due to participate in Contact at a Contact Centre, please get in touch with the Contact Centre directly to confirm if they are still open at this time. 

Wills & Powers of Attorney

In these uncertain times, many people seek the safety of having a Will and/or Power of Attorney in place to protect and deal with your affairs if necessary. These are very important documents to have for your own peace of mind and can be provided at a reasonable price. Please continue to Contact Us regarding new documents or changes to existing documents. We have provisions in place to continue to take instructions and arrange for signing of such documents. 

Stay Safe

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